Nubocha founder and Italian chocolate master, Gianluca Franzoni didn’t set out to make a dairy-free, low-calorie gelato. He set out to perfect an Italian classic, reimagined with health and wellness in mind. Drawing on two decades of experience creating the perfect chocolates, as Founder and President of Domori, and by harnessing ethical farming practices and heirloom cacao and nuts, he perfected a premium gelato for today’s mindful consumer. Each recipe is an intersection between an artist’s passion and a scientist’s mind.

Born in the United States, Katrina Smith is the co-founder of Nubocha. She met Gianluca in Rome, Italy in the early 2000s while becoming a certified sommelier. They fell in love and, from that moment forward, they began their shared journey into food, travel and adventure.

Together, they developed the philosophy of unique, global products that blend taste and good health with a low environmental impact. After two decades of working in the fashion, luxury and design industry, Katrina joined Gianluca to pursue their dream of a food Renaissance – that was the birth of Nubocha.


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