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"The Future of Ice Cream is Here, and it’s Vegan”
“I am completely obsessed with this ice cream!”
I’m obsessed! I love it so much 😍”
Bryce McKinney
I went to town on all the flavors, so it’s a must try!”
Elissa Goodman
ALERT...We may have found the perfect dairy free gelato!!!
I love the Pistachio – it’s my jam!  Pistachio butter made into gelato yes, I shall take some please!”
Radhi Devlukia
Radhi Devlukia
“It’s so delicious and the whole entire pint has only 250 calories!
Nicole Renard
“Health Tip: Swap traditional ice cream for gelato! This is great way to get some treats in... without the excess calories 🤗 @nubocha_gelato is my new go to treat!!! It tastes SO good!
Tiffany Stanley
“The peanut butter flavor is so light and delicious!!!
Stuart Brazell
Stuart Brazell
“This is totally up my alley! I just love the no sugar, naturally sweetened, low calorie aspect”
Tess Challis
“Nubocha is churning out vegan gelato using sustainable nuts & cacao sourced direct from farmers”
Exactly what you need on a hottttt day! 🔥🔥🔥🔥”
Gigi Eats
“Spoiler alert: it’s practically health food! 😉 🙌”
The Episodic Eater
“If you’re dairy free you, know how hard it is to find ice cream done right! I would 100% get this again even if you don’t need dairy free, but want a better option 🍦
Laura Lives the Good Life
laura lives the good life
Best New Products of 2021
“One bite and you find yourself feeling the warm breeze in front of an Italian gelato shop as you make your way through the beautiful city.”
"The clear brand mark...  made up of animals and plant life that speak to the inspiration, care and attention that goes into every pot."
All your products have been a joy. I live with Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease in which 6 hormones are permanently dysfunctional (not only insulin, a common misconception)... Your carb count is spot on accurate when I dose my insulin. No surprises in my blood glucose!
Cris in philadelphia
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