Creating the world’s best-tasting, plant-based, health-forward gelato that provides sustenance, wellness and pleasure.


Nubocha was born from a desire to perfectly create gelato with health and wellness in mind.

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Our co-founder, Gianluca Franzoni, is the visionary, founder and creator behind Domori, Italy’s famed fine chocolate brand. After living on cacao plantations in Venezuela, he returned to Italy and spent two decades crafting products by harnessing ethical farming practices and recovering several varieties of heirloom cacao. All the while, he was imagining how to develop a premium, dairy-free, low-calorie gelato.

But he wasn’t alone in this pursuit.

Gianluca met American-born Katrina Smith in Rome, Italy, in the early 2000s while she was becoming a certified sommelier. They fell in love over shared passions for food, travel and adventure. They married and began their own exciting journey together.

After two decades of working in the fashion, luxury and design industries, Katrina joined Gianluca to co-found our company.

Two people, Katrina Smith (left) and Gianluca Franzoni (right) sitting at a table with Nubocha gelato pints in front of them.
Three scoops of Nubocha gelato. The first scoop is a white gelato on a silver spoon, the second is an off-white gelato on a gold spoon, and the last is a brown gelato on a copper spoon Hands out stretched, palms facing up, holding cacao beans
“Every ingredient has a special talent for greatness.”

In 2018, they poured their souls into founding Nubocha, a brand with the mission to transform the healthful foods the body needs into the delicious foods the body loves. To perfectly create gelato with health and wellness in mind. To develop each recipe with a chef's fervor and a scientist’s precision.


Intentional Sourcing, A Simple Process & A Clean Label

Look closely at our label. Nubocha's gelato recipes feature just 3 main ingredients: nuts or cacao, pure spring water and allulose. We personally source our non-GMO ingredients from all over the world and roast and vacuum grind the nuts ourselves. This ensures we capture the essence of each genuinely delicious gelato flavor. Let us tell you more about what we use to craft our premium gelato.

Cacos beans being turned and ground upGreen pistachios being laid out and dried in a factory


Our National cacao is sourced from plantations in Ecuador. Starting with the fermentation stage in the plantations, we handle the entire process to create a cacao that presents notes of white flowers, citrus and banana.


Our Runner peanuts are sourced from the U.S. state of Georgia. We gently roast them to preserve their flavor.


Our pistachios are sourced from the Middle East. We use our proprietary technique to roast and grind the nuts so they deliver a velvety texture and notes of pastry cream.


Our hazelnuts are sourced from the Piedmont and Rome regions of Italy.  We roast and grind those nuts in a unique way to deliver a complexity and finesse of flavor.


Our almonds are sourced from Sicily because this variety provides a flavor richness with a great finish.


Our fine cashew nuts are sourced in Africa and gently roasted to achieve the fragrant flavor cashews are famous for.


We use allulose, a rare sugar with nearly zero calories found naturally in foods like raisins, figs and maple syrup, as our sweetener. It’s not an "added sugar" because it registers so low on the glycemic index.

Spring Water

We source pure spring water in our recipes to accentuate the true flavors of our ingredients.

Hawaiian Salt

We source our salt from Hawaii Kai, a company that harvests salts off the pristine coast of Molokai in Hawaii. We use this Soul of the Sea salt--rich in over 80 minerals and electrolytes--to stimulate the flavors in our other ingredients.




We sustainably and ethically source our ingredients directly from farmers we know and have worked with for decades. We care about our growers' well-being, so we guarantee a sustainable, premium price for all our nut and cacao purchases.


To ensure the best quality and consistency, we’re personally involved in every aspect of sourcing the non-GMO cacao and nuts used in our products. The process includes roasting and vacuum grinding all the nuts at a facility in Italy.


Once our premium ingredients arrive at the factory, we use them to make our delicious, dairy free gelato!


We’ve developed the most efficient logistics process to deliver you the freshest, best-tasting dairy-free gelato either through a retail store or directly to your door.

Nubocha is our realized dream of a unique, global brand of products that blend taste and good health with a low environmental impact. We have created these delicious gelatos with wholefood ingredients for you to enjoy!

-Gianluca & Katrina
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