Decadent dairy-free gelato without sugar is possible, and Nubocha is making it happen


No Added Sugar: Dairy-Free And Diabetic-Friendly

Unlike most ice cream, our gelato is sugar-free and uses allulose as our sole sweetener. What is allulose? Good question!

Allulose is a sweetener with nearly zero calories found naturally in foods like raisins, figs, and maple syrup. It doesn’t even count as an added sugar because it registers so low on the glycemic index.

It’s not metabolized by the body into blood glucose and is safe for sugar-free and low-sugar diets.

Nubocha's unique formulation means even those on low-sugar diets, such as diabetics, can enjoy it.

Other diabetic-friendly ice creams use artificial sweeteners as a crutch to make up for low-quality ingredients, fillers, and artificial flavoring. With fewer than 10 ingredients in all of our flavors, we highlight the true talent of each ingredient, all in a low-glycemic index dessert.
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Made With You Health In Mind.

Nubocha outshines all of our competitors by being incredibly low in calorie count, carbs, and glycemic index.

We are proud to make keto-friendly, dairy-free, and diabetic-friendly desserts while always using fewer than ten ingredients per flavor.

Shop now and we’ll ship your sugar-free diabetic-friendly Nubocha gelato straight to your door!

Finally, you can enjoy gelato and not compromise on enjoyment or your sugar-free diet.

Our gelato is completely gluten and dairy-free, while remaining incredibly low in sugar. Worried that all of these health benefits will impact the deliciousness of this treat? Let us ease your mind: our gelato is packed with real, premium nuts and cacao and pure spring water, guaranteeing top-quality flavor.

At Nubocha, we never ask you to sacrifice decadence for health. That’s why we have a wide variety of high-quality flavors, available in your local grocery store or shipped directly to your door.

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“Who knew a vegan gelato could taste as delicious as a "real" gelato? And my husband, definitely a non-vegan, but a health-conscious eater, can't get enough of it.”

New jersey

“My daughter is obsessed with frozen treats, and I don't feel great about giving her sugary treats every day. We're also dairy-free, so we were happy to discover this brand. The results do not disappoint! They have no idea these are no-/low-sugar, and I don't have to feel guilty.”

New york

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